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The Trusted Recommendation Network

What is AdScout

AdScout is the first social platform of its kind in Bulgaria, which builds a network of trusted recommendations, connecting satisfied users with popular brands. It is based on verified references that people are earning from. The platform enables users to share with family and friends - quickly, easily, and comfortably, any kind of products, with verified quality - while they themselves profit from it.


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Anyone can become a promoter on our platform, without having to be an expert or an influencer or even have a lot of followers on social networks. Promoters are the most important part of AdScout. They are the ones who create value by recommending products that they are sure will be useful to their loved ones and acquaintances. Each promoter can work with all brands on the platform, as well as create an unlimited number of recommendations for products or services. It's easy and profitable!

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What are AdScout recommendations

A recommendation is the way in which each promoter presents his impressions of a product or service that he is satisfied with or is confident in its qualities. The testimonial can include a title, text, video, image or GIF, in depending on each person's preferences. Each promoter can create an unlimited number of testimonials using this dashboard. Once their testimonial is approved, they can share a link to the product or service from the brand's website.

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Companies that trust us

He works with some of the most popular brands in Bulgaria


What Others Say About Us

Georgi Stamenov

Awesome tool for quick cash

AdScout is a great tool that helped me earn some extra money in my free time.
Simona Ivanova

Perfect idea for my free time

Great way while recommending favorite products to friends to earn extra money.
Miroslav Stoyanov

Nice and easy way of sharing products

Friends are always asking me where they can buy certain items, with AdScount I have created and shared an ad link just for a few seconds and while I was helping them I profit as well.
Frequently Asked Questions

Still confused about our platform? Here are a few more key clarifications.

You can request a money transfer from your profile to your bank account. Please make sure your "Invoice & Payment data" are up to date, you can do that from the main menu on your profile dashboard. After that navigate to "Withdrawal & Monthly Income Balance" and make a withdrawal request. Please read our Terms and Conditions section "4. COMMISSIONS AND PAYMENT METHOD" for additional details.

Your ads could be marked as inappropriate by our Partners, make sure the content of your multimedia (if any) is not against our policy. Another reason could be if the item is not available anymore in this store.

AdScout is aggregating statistics for each partner to make your choice easier. You can choose based on our partner ratings (Trusted Payer Ratio, Approval Transaction Ratio, Approval Ads Ratio, Оverall rating),Promoter Profit percentage, Partner Level. With this information and the kind of products that you want to promote you can make the best decision for your audience

there are two ways to change your avatar:

  • The quicker way is directly from the Ad creation window by clicking on the settings icon "gear" in the right-top corner, you can choose a photo from your computer/phone camera or gallery. For iPhone users, there is a Memoji option as well.
  • The other way is when you log in to your profile from the AdScout website go to the Dashboard->[your profile name]->Basic settings.

You can customize your ads by adding custom multimedia (Video, Image, Gif),to make it even more interesting you can add emoticons that will appear with your ad in order to impress your ad viewers. You can do a lot of customizations with your ads, all you need to do is start the process and we will show you the way with interactive tips in the Ads Creation screen (The interactive tips are always available for you, just click on the "?" icon in the right-top corner).

You can do that in seconds by following a couple of steps:

  • Go to one of our partner websites
  • Pick a product, category, or any page
  • Click on the AdScout logo (left or right bottom corner).
  • From there you can customize (*optional) your ad with a personal video message or any kind of media to make your ad unique and funny, and share it with just a couple of clicks.

Стани част от нашата мрежа от доверени препоръки.

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