Using HTTP cookies, websites can "distinguish" and "remember" their visitors and their personal preferences, settings, and actions taken.

A "cookie" is a small text file which stores Internet settings. Almost every website uses this technology. It is downloaded by your Internet browser at your first visit to the website. At a subsequent visit to this website using the same device, the "cookie" and the information stored in it is sent either back to the website which created it (first-party "cookie") or to another website it belongs to (third-party "cookie"). In this way, the website recognizes that it has already been visited from this browser and in some cases changes the displayed content.

A common example of cookies is the fact that when a user signs into a given site, he/she then no longer needs to do that again until the cookie expires or is deleted.

Additionally, cookies are also used to ensure the visitor's safety, personalized tools, and to obtain more relevant content aligned with his/her interests.

In order to improve the services offered by AdScount, we collect anonymous data from the most visited pages. For this purpose, the site uses third-party cookies.

AdScout allows cookies to be placed by third parties such as:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Google AdWords;
  • Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Use of cookies by AdScout on partner websites

The AdScout Platform can use "cookies" in users' browsers. These may come from a Partner and/or Promoter, as described in the Terms and Conditions.

Using cookies is not mandatory, but if they are enabled, you will have the option to use the full functionality of the platform without limitation, and to receive materials in accordance with your interests.

The site may send the cookie to its visitor using the HTTP header Set-Cookie or use a JavaScript code which is executed directly in the web browser. Regardless how the cookie is set, it is saved by the web browser in its system space on the visitor's device. At each subsequent request made by the browser to the cookie's source site, information in it is returned.

  • Cookies may be placed in order to correctly run the Ad, calculations related to it, as well as the Promoters' compensation (if permitted in browser settings)
  • Partners may use cookies on their sites to support implementation and viewing of Ads.